Source: Girish Jeeva

Innovative Technology formed part of the government’s age verification trials in 2022 

Innovative Technology has expanded into Scotland for the first time, bringing its age verification solution to a Premier store in Barmulloch, Glasgow.

Using its MyCheckr device, which performs anonymous age estimation to assist sales of age-restricted goods, the latest installation adds to its 250-strong portfolio of stores and outlets that use the technology across the rest of the UK, helping to “bolster responsible retailing”.

These include other convenience and forecourt stores, with fascias such as Nisa and Premier, as well as vape stores, holiday parks and casinos.

It works by alerting cashiers with red or green lights displayed on the screen to distinguish whether they need to request ID.

According to the ACS, enforcing an age-restricted sales policy is one of the top triggers for violence against staff, allowing age verification technology “to take away potential conflict between a customer and server”, Innovative Technology added.

Girish Jeeva, owner of Premier Barmulloch, said he was pleased with the rollout of the precautionary security measure.

“Our store has just teamed up with MyCheckr to add their latest AI machine to assist our staff with age verification,” he said. “Not only does this technology detect challenges under 25, but it also has cool additional functions like media ads and ID verification.

“As a responsible retailer, we’re proud to take every step to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.”

Innovative Technology senior business development manager John Vallis said: “We are excited to see MyCheckr now also being deployed in Scotland via our convenience trading partner Vape Supplier Ltd (VSL). More and more retailers are installing MyCheckr to help their staff in deciding when to ask for ID to prevent underage sales and bolster their responsible retailing obligations.

“MyCheckr is available for a low one-off hardware cost with no monthly subscription or fee per age check, which creates an affordable and reliable value proposition for the retailer, helping them to demonstrate to local licensing authorities and the police that they are doing absolutely everything they can to ensure that age-restricted goods aren’t being sold to minors.”

Innovative Technology formed part of the government’s age verification technology trials – dubbed Sandbox – in 2022, which aimed to strengthen the measures in place to prevent those under 18 from buying alcohol, while gaining a better understanding of the technology’s implications. It worked with three Bestway Retail stores – Bargain Booze, Tippl and Wine Rack in Leeds – to test the solution.

Yoti, which installs facial scan technology at self-service checkouts, launched at Morrisons, Co-op, Tesco and Asda as also part of the trials.

The retailers involved found not a single underaged customer was permitted to buy alcohol when age verification technology had been used, as revealed when the trials concluded last year.