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Source: Booker

The platforms aim to boost engagement through social media and search engines 

Booker has launched two new platforms that aim to boost digital presence for retailers across social media and search engines.

One is called Socioconnect, an app-based platform which “creates an easy and efficient way for our symbol brand retailers to manage their socials”, Colm Johnson, Booker Retail MD, told The Grocer.

Perks include being able to manage content across social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter from one place, and using algorithms that advise when is best to schedule promotional posts. It also aims to simplify the process of being able to message customers directly and respond to messages.

The wholesale giant said it would “help to make lives easier for retailers” by allowing them to “better engage and connect with the local community”.

The other platform, Yext, which is web-based, allows retailers to update their business information and online listings across various search engines, directories, and social media platforms all in one place.

It aims to ensure Google will have up-to-date store information, helping improve visibility and ranking for web searches and subsequently drive footfall and sales.

“With Yext, businesses can update their business information like their name, address, phone number, and website, in one place and ensure the information is accurate and consistent across all platforms,” said Johnson.

“This helps search engines understand the business information better, resulting in improved visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. Yext provides analytics and insights to help businesses optimise their listings further.”

Both services are free of charge to retailers. “We believe these two new services will add real value to our symbol retailers’ stores,” said Johnson.