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Source: Jisp

The new website is set to launch on 16 February

Jisp is launching a website version of its convenience shopping app in a bid to target an older demographic ordering at home.

The move means shoppers will be able to use Jisp for its home delivery and click & collect services via a desktop, laptop or tablet to order groceries and essentials.

It is also making its discount tool, Scan & Save, available on the new website for shoppers to use while in store on their mobile phones. 

The business said it was hoping this would attract wider age groups to use the promotional solution, having found the typical user was aged 30 to 39.

“Getting shoppers and customers to download retail apps is not easy, especially those aged 20 and younger or 60 and above,” Jisp chief customer officer Greg Deacon told The Grocer. “But we believe a younger and older shopper will use Scan & Save via the web first as a ‘try before you buy’ experience.

“This should then encourage them to download the app for a greater and more optimal experience that we can offer. We’ve already got over 2.5k shoppers to download and use it so far across just 30 Nisa stores.”

The new website is set to launch on 16 February. Jisp will be issuing new point of sale and social materials to stores so they can communicate the new way of accessing its home delivery and Scan & Save services locally. 

“We will be working hard to convince shoppers that the app is best, but will welcome usage across both,” added Deacon.