Source: Scottish Grocers’ Federation

The Best Start Foods prepaid card is topped up with up to £39.60 every four weeks

Over 2,200 Scottish convenience stores are accepting Best Start Foods prepaid cards under a new partnership with the Scottish Grocers Federation’s Healthy Living Programme.

The initiative will see 40,000 prepaid cards, which are administered by Social Security Scotland, distributed to pregnant women and eligible families to help aid the cost of buying healthy food and milk for babies and children.

The card is topped up with up to £39.60 every four weeks. For example, it is paid £19.80 every four weeks during pregnancy, and £39.60 every four weeks from birth until the age of one.

The Scottish Grocers Federation’s Healthy Living Programme will train and encourage staff in shops to get their customers used to paying with Best Start Foods cards.

Symbol groups involved are Spar, Keystore, Nisa and Premier. Each store will be promoting the initiative to help raise awareness.

“Local convenience shops can sometimes be the lifeblood of their communities,” said Social Security Scotland CEO David Wallace. “This initiative means owners and staff can offer support to their customers, ensuring they use all of the financial support available to them.

“I would encourage anyone who has a Best Start Foods card to check their balance and make sure they are using it regularly.

“As well as the smaller local stores, the card can be used in most big supermarkets and online.”

Kathryn Neil, programme director of the Scottish Grocers Federation’s Healthy Living Programme, said: “We are delighted to collaborate on raising the awareness and uptake of the Best Start Foods scheme in convenience stores.

“This positive partnership presents the opportunity for the Healthy Living Partnership to join up with other Scottish government policies.

“Healthy Living Partnership’s relationships with the convenience and wholesale sector allows us to deliver the information to consumers in the most deprived areas of Scotland and reaching those who are eligible.”