Coors Brewers is looking into developing a lager can which cools the contents as soon as it is opened, as part of a range of beer chilling innovations in the off-trade.
It comes after research revealed the importance of cold beer to consumers.
Kevin Brownsey, Coors off-trade sales director, said: “It’s really exciting what we’re doing with cooling technology here. We have developed a lot of techniques for cooling beer in pubs to provide customers with a really cold pint.
“One of our focuses now is to find a way of transferring this into the off-trade.”
Extensive research carried out
for Coors in August 2004, called The Cold Lager Independent Research SPA, showed that consumers expect all small-packs of lager in convenience stores to be sold well chilled. To address this demand, Coors has also developed a 500ml can with a temperature sensitive logo for its Coors Fine Light Beer - the logo changes colour from white to blue when the beer is cold enough to be consumed at its best.
The new cans will be offered at £1 each and will be available to independent retailers via wholesalers. Coors bottled beers with a similar logo will be available soon.
David Preston, director of marketing of premium lagers at Coors Brewers, said: “After the huge success that Coors Fine Light Beer has enjoyed since its off-trade launch back in January 2004, the time is now right to produce a version of the brand in a can format.
“The thermochromic panel is an innovation that consumers like and it will play a big part in encouraging new drinkers to try the brand.”
Sonya Hook