Nisa member Costcutter has been accused of double standards over its reaction to the introduction of Nisa-Today's new Low Weekly Order Volume Levy.

Costcutter executive chairman Colin Graves has given his broad support for the levy, which was introduced in September to boost Nisa-Today's supply chain efficiency.

However, Graves has been quoted in the press as saying he would have preferred to have been given a longer notice period for the introduction of the measure, which Nisa first told members about in July.

Nisa members will face charges of up to £20 for failing to meet minimum order requirements and a charge of £10 for not placing an order on a scheduled day under the new scheme.

Graves' reaction has prompted criticism from some of Nisa's members who say a similar, more severe scheme was introduced by Costcutter last year with even less notice.

In this instance, Costcutter retailers were informed in writing last April that those not keeping up a weekly order from Nisa's ambient delivery service Nisaway or its Nisachill/Freeze offer would be subject to a £50 charge.

Retailers not ordering both in a given week could expect a charge of £100.

The scheme was scheduled to be introduced the following month.

"I must admit to being rather confused that Costcutter would have preferred more time to implement the new levy considering it already has quite a punitive levy of its own," one Nisa member, who asked not to be named, told The Grocer.

Nisa-Today's chief executive Neil Turton claimed its new changes were necessary to protect members against the rising costs associated with very low drops and missed orders.

The changes have been broadly accepted by the members, although Birmingham-based symbol group Select & Save has slammed the move, saying it is "damaging" to independent retailers, and has vowed to absorb any charges accrued by its members.

Costcutter was unavailable for comment as The Grocer went to press.