Eat Natural Fogle

Eat Natural has teamed up with wildlife presenter Ben Fogle to launch Pollenation, an initiative to help tackle the decline of the British honeybee.

In an ongoing project, the snack brand plans to launch a special-edition honey variant later this year, using honey made from its own hives - and consumers will be invited to take part in a variety of on-pack and online activities aimed at helping native bees thrive, from planting free seeds to grow insect-friendly plants to becoming an official Eat Natural beekeeper.

The brand has created a number of limited-edition smart hives upcycled from disused wooden pallets and fitted with digital technology that provides a live stream of data tracking temperature, nectar flow, humidity, acoustics, and other factors.

The nascent Pollenation initiative - which begins with a 12-month tie-up with Fogle - comes as an extension of The British Beekeepers Association’s Build the Buzz drive, of which Eat Natural was a founding partner. It will benefit from proceeds from the sale of the new honey bar when the snack goes on sale in the autumn.

“Pollenation takes us into a new direction as we make an investment into a project that raises awareness of the importance of British honeybees,” said brand co-founder Praveen Vijh.

“It brings us closer to honey, one of our most important ingredients, and we are very happy to be working with Ben to help us explain the importance of bees in all our daily lives.”

Fogle added: “The plight of the British honeybee is very close to my heart. My family keep bees and it was only a matter of time before I got the buzz. I am thrilled to launch this campaign and get people thinking, talking, and taking action.”