Source: Walkers

The ad ran in The Sun newspaper, depicting a bag of ‘humble pie’ crisps

Walkers has apologised to shoppers for weeks of shortages with a new ad.

The ad, which depicts a bag of ‘humble pie’ crisps, features the tagline ‘the flavour we never wanted to taste’. It ran in today’s (3 December) issue of The Sun newspaper.

It reads: “Have you seen it? Probably not… nor a few of our other flavours recently. We’ve been left eating humble pie as we’ve had some trouble getting our crisps out to you. We feel terrible we’ve let you down.”

Source: Walkers

The ad said Walkers felt ‘terrible’ for letting shoppers down

The brand’s crisps have been hit by major supply disruption since October after an IT upgrade at the brand’s owner PepsiCo – which also disrupted the supply of PepsiCo stablemate Quaker Oats.

“Things are getting better here at Walkers, with crisps heading to shops every day,” the ad continues. “Many of your favourites are now back and we’re working flat out to get our full range to you as soon as we can. To crisp fans everywhere, we’re truly sorry.”

The brand said it had now increased production, and it is understood it is now manufacturing a wider range of flavours and products including Smoky Bacon, Roast Chicken and Marmite as well as Sensations, Quavers, Salt & Vinegar Squares and Monster Munch.

It certainly isn’t the only brand to face supply issues over recent months: so too have the likes of Diet Coke, Lucozade and Tango.