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Classy recipes are most tantalising not when tasted, smelled or even seen, ­but when spoken at breakneck speed. At least, that seems to the view of new podcast Dish (available now).

Brought to listeners in association with Waitrose, it’s presented by Angela Hartnett and Nick Grimshaw, ­both in full-on ‘woo, yeah!’ mode.

The latest episode – its second – begins with Hartnett listlessly talking through an uninspiring sea bass recipe at a pace that suggests there’s a gun to her head.

Then two Ted Lasso cast members who aren’t Jason Sudeikis or Brett Goldstein turn up, and a previously unheard studio audience cheer clownishly, like they’re Grimshaw’s posse from his days hosting Radio 1 Breakfast.

The audio’s dubious at times – Hartnett sounding like she’s next door – there’s a bit of PG-rated swearing, and guest Hannah Waddingham’s “fan-girl” gushing over Hartnett is, frankly, out of control.

So far, so not very Waitrose.

An excess of Ted Lasso chat ensues – none of which will be of much interest to those who haven’t seen the show. (Even its fans will probably struggle to be engaged.)

At the halfway mark, everyone eats the sea bass with veggie ragu, accompanied by wine and some ropey sound effects. Then more Ted talk – sometimes, obnoxiously, through gobfuls of food.

Basically, Dish is the aural equivalent of Heat magazine with (yawn) Eton mess to close the show.

A classy grocer like Waitrose deserves a classy podcast. This is not that podcast.