Feverishly fast montages of food prep you might expect to see in an Edgar Wright movie keep the energy levels high in Just Eat’s new documentary-style series Home of the Hotspots (online).

The series is a frenetically paced look at locally loved foodie spots across the UK, which dives into their most popular dishes, origin story and characters in the kitchens.

In the first episode – each is an easily digestible 90 seconds – Cheshire-based food content creator Sam Bradbury visits Northern Soul in Manchester, “the UK’s first grilled cheese restaurant”. As per all tasting videos nowadays, there is some ASMR of the first bite. “Listen to that crunch. Melts in the mouth,” Bradbury slobbers.

Owner Dan explains the restaurant’s start “on the pop-up scene” and how the “right time, right place, with the right people” sealed its success. In the second episode, Bradbury visits sandwich shop Rack, again in Manchester, which has been “levelling up that butty shop experience”.

A change of host in episode three saw Great British Bake Off finalist Sandro Farmhouse go behind the scenes at Macclesfield’s Yas Bean, known for its coloured coffees and home-baked goods. “Let’s make a big gay cake together,” owner Mika said.

It’s sensory and swift, and seemingly designed to be sliced and diced for sharing on social media. While it will tingle consumer tastebuds, the show is as much about improving app/restaurant relations. As outlets reckon with punishing commissions and striking riders, the free exposure will doubtless be welcome.