Experiential is a buzzword among retail gurus these days: the strategy of creating an immersive shopping trip, rather than simply presenting products. But how to create something that makes memories, generates positive shares on socials and ensures repeat visits?

Glasgow’s now infamous and much-memed Willy’s Chocolate Experience will forever be the example of how not to do it. Just how the calamitous event unfolded was told in Wonka: The Scandal That Rocked Britain (Channel 5, 16 March, 7.30pm).

Numerous out-of-pocket parents told of how they were dazzled by the AI-generated promotional imagery for the £35-a-head event.

“You think of Disneyland or the Harry Potter Experience. People want that bit more,” said consumer rights expert Helen Dewdney.

Instead, they got “a four-foot flower and toadstool, that’s basically it”, one parent said.

Crucially, viewers heard from organiser Billy Coull. His excuses were far from convincing. The location was too big (hadn’t he viewed it beforehand?), a projection system didn’t get delivered (would it have worked anyway with all the skylights?), and he had used AI to generate reams of nonsensical script because he is dyslexic (there’s a difference between grammar check and generative AI). Yet, he appeared truly broken by the fallout.

Kudos to the documentary makers in being able to pull together the programme in double quick time, and – unlike the subject – actually fill the space with engaging content.