Danone is embarking on its first major packaging overhaul of Actimel in 10 years in a bid to improve the brand’s shelf standout and sales.

The revamped bottles, which started rolling out to the mults last week, feature a new Actimel logo that is colour-coded to make it easier for consumers to tell the brand’s 13 variants apart. Danone has also introduced a sunrise image above the Actimel name to reflect the fact that most consumers drink Actimel in the morning.

Dragon Rouge, the agency that worked on the redesign, said the Actimel logo and packaging had “hardly evolved” over the past 10 years, with only small tweaks being made to packs.

“Performance of the category in which Actimel sits has been challenging in recent years,” a spokeswoman added. “There was a pressing need, and opportunity, to reposition the brand and revamp the packaging to maximise consumer interest at point of purchase.”

Actimel assistant brand manager Joel Kirstein said he was confident the new look would go down well with consumers. “Testing for the design showed promising results and we’re excited to see the result hit the shelves,” he said.