Source: Asda

The Welsh milk will be available across its 38 local stores from 29 May

Asda will be the first retailer to stock locally sourced, processed and packed Welsh milk in partnership with the Pembrokeshire Creamery.

The Welsh milk will be available across its 38 local stores from 29 May.

The retailer said it marked a significant milestone for the Welsh dairy industry, highlighting its commitment to support local farmers and Pembrokeshire Creamery, a new state-of-the-art milk processing facility in Haverfordwest.

Pembrokeshire Creamery was the first new Welsh dairy to open in 15 years and is the only site in Wales able to bottle milk for major retailers.

Since the collapse of Tomlinsons Dairies in 2019, Welsh milk has had to be bottled in factories in England before being transported back to Wales to be sold in stores.

Lidl signed a contract with Pembrokeshire Creamery to sell Welsh milk earlier this month, but with the product hitting shelves at the discounter on 1 June, it has been pipped by Asda as the first retailer to stock the milk.

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Asda hopes that by stocking milk produced, processed and packaged in Wales it will provide its customers with a “genuine taste of Welsh excellence”.

“After months of planning, we are really excited to finally see Welsh milk that is sourced, processed and packed in Wales land on the shelves of our stores,” said Jenny Cannon, senior director food buying at Asda.

“Not only does this showcase our dedication to supporting local farmers and producers but also allows our customers to enjoy the exceptional taste of milk that’s been processed on their doorstep,” she added.

Asda’s Welsh stores will stock a range of Welsh milk options, including Asda Welsh whole milk, semi-skimmed and skimmed varieties.

“We are extremely excited to have partnered with Arla Welsh Farmers to bring milk that has been produced, processed and packaged in Wales to Asda’s Welsh stores,” said Mark McQuade, managing director at Pembrokeshire Creamery.

“The move represents an exciting time for the Welsh dairy industry, and one that will give customers across Wales the opportunity to enjoy high-quality, authentically Welsh milk.”

“We have a strong heritage of supporting numerous local suppliers in Wales, and we are proud to continue our contribution to the growth and future of the Welsh dairy industry,” said Cannon