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Source: Meadow

The Cheshire-headquartered supplier said its new brand would reflect its sustainable growth ambitions

Dairy and plant-based ingredients specialist Meadow Foods has undergone a branding revamp in a bid to reflect its new sustainable growth ambitions.

The supplier will now be known simply as Meadow, and will comprise five business units: Meadow Milk, Meadow Fresh, Meadow Plant, Meadow Fats and Meadow Confectionery.

The company said the overhaul reflected its new mission statement – “making sustainable ingredients easy for our customers” – and its important role “in supplying the value-added ingredients in many household brands and its capabilities in supplying sustainable dairy, confectionery, and plant-based ingredients”.

It follows the appointment of new CEO, Raj Tugnait, who joined from Sysco Specialty Group in the spring, and said “now is the time to press the accelerator on further sustainable growth”.

The rebranded business said it was aiming to take sustainability “to the next level” with new mission statement “Making sustainable ingredients easy for our customers”. Its sustainability drive will see it working closely with its farmers to achieve a 10% reduction in emissions per litre of milk by 2025.

Meadow also aims for its ingredients to be 100% responsibly sourced by the same year, and is aiming to use new technology so its customers could better manage the carbon emissions of their products “right down to the SKU level” – alongside partnering with academic institutions to discover science-based solutions to the company’s biggest environmental and supply challenges.

“Meadow has grown significantly and successfully in recent years but now is the time to press the accelerator on further sustainable growth,” Tugnait said.

“It’s a truly exciting time for both our teams, customers and suppliers as we navigate a new growth chapter for the business.

“We have big growth plans and sustainability is at the centre of this. Our ambition is to provide the lowest carbon footprint and the most sustainable dairy and non-dairy ingredients to the world’s best companies. We will do that by being environmentally responsible, creating resilient supply chains and leading the sector through solution focussed innovation.”

The announcement is a continuation on Meadow’s growth plans following a strategic investment in the company by investor Exponent in August 2018.

Since then, the business has also acquired leading inclusion business Nimbus Foods, Roil Foods and Fayrefield Liquid and has made a £4m+ investment in new plant-based food manufacturing capabilities.