Müller Spreadable

Müller Spreadable first went on sale last May 

Müller has lost listings at the mults for its branded butter just months after it hit shelves.

The processor made its first foray into the branded supermarket butter category in May 2018, when it launched four Müller Spreadable SKUs into Tesco, alongside a 250g unsalted Müller block.

At the time, it said the Spreadable range, which subsequently picked up a listing in Waitrose in October, would “disrupt the category” by focusing on taste and “leveraging the brand power of Müller.

However, Tesco ditched the entire range in November, while Waitrose stopped selling Müller Spreadable last month.

The delistings are a blow for the brand, which had hinted at ambitions for a major push into BSM and was considering bringing production of Spreadable from Germany to the UK if the range were successful.

A Müller spokesman said: “While Müller Spreadable is not listed in Tesco or Waitrose, we will continue to explore private label butter opportunities with both partners.

“We’re building our brand proposition with Müller Spreadable and we have exciting plans in place for 2019.”

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