Müller is to put a visual stamp on its acquisition of Robert Wiseman Dairies earlier this year, with the rebranding of Robert Wiseman Dairies to Müller Wiseman Dairies.

Müller Wiseman Dairies had an exciting future as part of Müller UK & Ireland Group and Müller wanted the new identity to reflect the heritage, strength and ambition of the Müller and Wiseman brands, said Müller UK & Ireland Group CEO Ronald Kers (pictured).

“We have been careful to use the elements of the brand that people most readily associate with Wiseman and Müller.”

Wiseman’s familiar cow-print pattern will remain on its fresh milk products, company vehicles, dairies and depots.

The new branding will progressively be rolled out over the next year.

Müller Dairy - the yoghurt and chilled desserts business - will be unaffected by the Wiseman re-branding.