The glass pots will be 100% recyclable and 100% reusable as part of the brand’s commitment to sustainability

Handmade dessert company Pots & Co has announced plans to move its entire ceramic range into glass pots.

The glass pots will be 100% recyclable and 100% reusable as part of the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The pots, which are embossed with the brand’s logo, can be recycled kerbside or reused at home to reduce waste to landfill.

The new containers replace the brand’s colourful ceramic pots in response to consumer demands for more recyclable packaging.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, the switch has helped to reduce production costs, allowing the company to decrease the price of individual pots.

The Lemon & Lime and Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ganache has been given a reduced RSP of £1.99 (previously £2.20), while its Limited-edition Summer Berries and Mascarpone will drop to £2.15 (previously £2.30).

“This move to a more planet-friendly way to store our desserts is part of our long-term commitment to packaging innovation that encourages recycling and reuse amongst our consumers, without compromising delivery of the intense flavours and high-quality ingredients Pots & Co stands for. It is the first of many projects that we are undertaking,” said Fraser Thomson, joint-CEO.

“Our ceramic pots will always have a place in the history of our brand, but now is the right time to make our delicious pots in glass – 100% recyclable, 100% reusable, and still 100% divine,” he added.

The rollout of the new pots will be accompanied by a new sleeve design to showcase how the puddings have been created by chefs in Pots and Co’s London kitchen with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

“Consumer insight tells us that, more than ever, customers and retailers want to see brands making moves to more sustainable production,” said joint-CEO Alexandros Theocharides.

“At the same time we are facing unprecedented rises in living costs,” Theocharides added.

“That’s what this move to glass is all about. We’re maintaining our premium quality of ingredients and desserts whilst also improving our communication on pack for people to be aware of the amazing high-quality products they are consuming; and we’re doing this whilst also keeping our prices down for our customers.”

The new glass pots will be available in Tesco and Ocado from 12 September, followed by Sainsbury’s (14 September) and Waitrose (21 September).