Kavli whipped cheddar

Source: Kavli

The brand, which is well established in Scandinavian retailers, will launch in Tesco next month

Primula’s Norwegian owner the Kavli Trust is to launch its Kavli dairy brand in the UK for the first time.

The brand, which is well established in Scandinavian retailers, will make its debut in the UK on 13 May, with the launch of two whipped cheese spreads in 302 Tesco stores nationwide (rsp: tbc/120g pots).

Available in Cheddar and Cheddar & Chorizo variants, Kavli describes whipped cheese as “a wonderfully creamy dairy product made by lightly aerating a cheese blend, resulting in a lighter texture than other cheese spreads”.

The manufacturing technique involves blending hard and soft cheese with cream to achieve an easily spreadable consistency. While preserving the rich flavour of hard cheese, whipped cheese offered a softer, more delicate mouthfeel, the brand said.

The NPD also championed a “less is more” approach, comprising just four or five readily available ingredients, while the spread was also a source of protein.

They promised to “elevate every dining occasion with their incredibly creamy and versatile range” and could be enjoyed as a breakfast accompaniment on toast, spread on crackers as a midday snack, or a savoury addition to evening meals, Kavli added.

Kavli’s entry into the UK food market also heralded “more than just a new, innovative product”, the supplier added, pointing to its “unique” business model, where owner the Kavli Trust gave all its profits to good causes.

“This is only the beginning for the Kavli brand. We look forward to bringing more delicious products, with fewer ingredients, to customers soon,” said Kavli business development marketing manager Nicole Herbert.