cheese advent calendar 2018

The advent calendar won a Grocer New Product Award earlier this year

The So Wrong It’s Nom cheese Advent calendar will return to Asda shelves this Christmas and has won additional listings in Sainsbury’s, Booths and the Co-op.

The calendar, which caused a social media frenzy last year and won a Grocer New Product Award, will also be available in Target stores across the US, and in a number of territories across Europe.

The latest version of the calendar contains 24 individually wrapped cheeses and seven varieties made by cheesemaker Norseland, including cheese made by its Ilchester, Applewood and Jarlsberg brands. It also includes a limited-edition gingerbread cheese, developed using fan feedback from social media.

It was the brainchild of blogger Annem Hobson, who said she was “thrilled” to see the calendar return to a wider audience and to be made available internationally.

“Norseland have been a fantastic partner to work with and are incredibly passionate about making it a success as much as I am,” she added.

“The mailing list for my cheesy inventions has shot up to nearly 19,000 and without the fans none of this would be possible,” said Hobson, who is now crowdfunding to bring a prototype cheese-filled Christmas cracker to market.

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