Clawson Dairy is looking to get Brits in the mood for loving this Valentine’s Day – with ‘aphrodisiac’ cheesy sweets.

The sweets are pieces of white Stilton laced with oysters, champagne and strawberries, all of which are said to have aphrodisiac qualities. They come in two variants – strawberry and champagne, and oyster-dipped with popping candy – and cost £8 per sweet or £32 for a box of four.

Clawson claimed cheese was an ideal Valentine’s treat as it contains the same chemical that gives chocolate its aphrodisiac qualities. It argued eating the Stilton “actually makes you more kissable because it helps to kill bacteria in the mouth”.

The cheese maker says orders have been flooding in since it started selling the sweets on its website, including an order from a “high-profile news presenter” and a “Premiership football star”.