Tesco is giving its standard milk bottle labels a facelift - moving the fat content data from the front to allow more space to promote its support for British dairy farmers.

The retailer is rolling out new labels across all sizes of its whole, skimmed and semi-skimmed bottles.

The new labels offer no information about the fat content of the milk on the front of the bottles, and the ‘Tesco farm pledge’ stamp has been removed in favour of a ‘produced by farmers who share our values’ strapline.

Four and six-pint bottles of milk feature a photo of Jo North. North and her father supply milk to Tesco through the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group. A message reads: “We are really proud to be partnered with Tesco, they pay us a fair price and in return we ensure the cows producing your milk are as healthy and happy as possible.”

A spokesman for Tesco emphasised that the fat content was still clearly visible. “Customers like to use the easy-to-spot colour coding on the packaging,” he said.

Other tweaks include increasing the size of Tesco’s logo and the milk variety on the front of the bottle, while a grazing cow has replaced a graphic of a cow’s head.