Morrisons Weybridge

Morrisons has faced criticism in the past for not cleaning its windows often enough, but now new CEO David Potts has overseen a major spring clean of the store estate as he looks to drive sales.

The clean-up covered all areas of the estate from the stores, inside and out, to the retailer’s carparks.

Having completed a series of store visits and spending time working in-store over the Easter period Potts said that he was pleased with what he had seen.

“I visited a few stores and thought the cleaning exercise had gone well and there’s more to do as always,” he said. “Some of the recruitment was starting to pay off in terms of a few more tills being open.”

Potts also explained his preference for unscheduled rather than planned store visits.

“For me personally, the job isn’t about a visit and it should never be a ‘royal visit’,” he explained.

“I go to our stores because that’s our business. It’s our job to go to our stores. It’s more like going home than ‘visiting’ somewhere. We are retailers. In order to do my job to the best of my ability, for you, I need to see our stores as you work in them and see our stores as our customers shop in them.”

Potts’ first few weeks in the Morrisons hot-seat have been particular busy but his message for staff is to relax.

“I want the Morrisons team to relax and get on with the job of being the best they possibly can be collectively, and being the best they can be individually, and to recognise we’re all in this together. It’s teamwork that will improve Morrisons. Serving customers better than we did will improve Morrisons,” he added.