Toluna conducted research of more than 1,000 Brits, diving into their opinions on the proposed deposit return system

Despite its troubles, there appears to be strong support for DRS – although with 17% saying “don’t know”, greater consumer education may be needed. There is usually a provision for marketing in other countries’ schemes.

There is clear support for the 20p rate set by the Scottish government. Put another way, with nearly 30% saying 20p might already be too high, setting the rate at 30p or higher in any future scheme would be very problematic.

Nearly 70% say they are happy to take their cans and bottles to their local store, although this is disputed, with claims from a digital DRS trial in Wales that, given the choice, customers much preferred to recycle at home.

As supermarket bosses call for the plans to be shelved because of the cost of living crisis, support for DRS falls among consumers – although the majority are still favouring its introduction, regardless of the timing.

Despite opposition from the industry and the UK government, support for glass to be included is still strong. The issue looks set to be a key barrier going forward, since Wales and Scotland still plan to include the material.

What the rest of the world can teach us about deposit return schemes