Fruit company Dole is locking horns with Ella's Kitchen with the launch of a new and cheaper range of kids' fruit purées.

Fruit Snack is packaged in a squeezable fruit pouch, similar to Ella's Kitchen's Smoothie Fruits, and is made with 100% real fruit. It will be available in Asda and Morrisons later this month in apple, apple, banana & strawberry and mango, apple, banana & passion fruit flavours.

With an rsp of £2 per 4-pack of 90g pouches, Dole claimed Fruit Snack was about 30% cheaper than Ella's Kitchen range of organic Smoothie Fruits.

"Ella's has laid the foundation for fruit purées but we spotted an opportunity to make them more mainstream," said Harvey Aaron, sales director.

Dole is also launching new Fruit in Custard a range of pineapple, peach and mango pieces in low-fat custard (rsp: 49p).