RSPCA Assured has launched a social media campaign to encourage consumers to choose higher-welfare eggs for Pancake Day.

The campaign will run across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to highlight that whether raised indoors or outdoors, RSPCA Assured eggs always come from hens cared for to higher welfare standards.

A new survey commissioned by RSPCA Assured found that the majority of Brits were concerned about hen welfare, with three-quarters of them saying hen welfare was important.

Additionally, two-thirds said they look for either the RSPCA Assured logo or free-range label when buying eggs.

“UK consumers will consume approximately 52 million eggs on Pancake Day – a staggering increase of around 22 million more eggs than on any other day,” said Xenia Kingsley, senior marketing manager at RSPCA Assured.

“Now is a prime opportunity for us to highlight the importance of hen welfare and the dedication of RSPCA Assured members to caring for their hen,” they added. “No matter how people like their pancakes, we hope the campaign will encourage people to spare a thought for the lives of hens and choose higher-welfare eggs.”

The survey also revealed that almost half of Brits (48%) say the RSPCA Assured label on egg boxes makes them feel more confident about where their eggs have come from and better about their choices.

Only 1% of respondents said they didn’t believe hens needed access to a higher-welfare lifestyle, revealing an almost unanimous demand for higher-welfare products, the organisation said.

“The results of this survey clearly show that hen welfare is no longer just a niche concern but an increasingly mainstream demand,” Kingsley added. “It’s really encouraging to see consumers prioritising hen welfare when they shop and recognising that hens are sentient creatures who deserve a good life.”