The Elizabeth Shaw Company will be breathing new life into its 99 year old mint crisp this Christmas, with the brand's first major advertising campaign for five years. The ads, which break in consumer glossies in October, November and December, feature the 200g original and milk chocolate variant packs (rsp £2.99), as well as the 370g combination pack launched last Christmas (rsp £4.99), which now has wider distribution. Radio advertising may follow. The campaign follows the four man consortium's acquisition of the Elizabeth Shaw and Famous Names Liqueur brands from Dutch sugar confectionery specialist CSM in March this year. CSM had bought the original brand owners Leaf UK in 1999. "We have great confidence in the brands' heritage and history," said Malachy McReynolds, former operation chief at the Leaf UK and now head of the Elizabeth Shaw Company. "One of our primary objectives was to put a powerful programme of marketing support in place." The programme also includes sponsorship of this summer's National Gardens scheme, which involves 3,500 private gardens opening to the public to raise funds for major charities. Other key gift buying occasion promotions are planned. {{P&P }}