Energizer is urging retailers to simplify the layout of the battery fixture and take inspiration from its revamped pack designs.

Existing battery fixtures were generally a "confusing purchase area" for shoppers, said Energizer, and added that the £320m category had suffered a 7% sales decline over the past year [Nielsen] partly because of a lack of simplicity.

Energizer MD Nick Powell said the brand was in discussion with retailers about how they could take cues from its new packaging, which rolls out this month. The packaging ­features on-pack icons that indicate which battery is most suitable for which ­device. For example, Energizer Ultra+ packs feature icons that represent low-drain devices such as a clock while the Ultimate Lithium icons represent hi-tech devices such as gaming controllers.

Claims such as 'Lasts up to 8x longer in digital cameras' have also been introduced across the range.

Powell urged retailers to add the icons and information to the point of sale.

"Retailers can learn from the changes we are making on packs," he said.

"By turning around the sales decline and driving category growth, there's a relative benefit for retailers of 10% to 12% growth. Consumers are looking for guidance from suppliers. Our new approach helps consumers make informed decisions."

A restructure to the fixture would be "a good thing for our competition to get involved with", he added,

Poor sales of own-label batteries were also to blame for the sales decline, he said.