Winner: Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition has made “truly outstanding achievements in a really competitive sector”, the judges said.

The sports nutrition brand achieved growth of 61% compared with the previous year, thanks to high-performing new products and some major new retail listings.

The growth followed strategic moves that were executed with agility, and marketing that demonstrated genuine boldness and creativity.

This included modelling its own Body Fuel sports drink on Prime, Logan Paul and KSI’s virally popular energy drink. It is just one example of how the brand has its finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to driving engagement and interest.

The whole business “feels wonderfully entrepreneurial and authentic”, said the panel. As one judge put it, the brand’s growth and profitability “really blew me away”.


  • Applied Nutrition
  • Fuel10K
  • Lucky Saint
  • Pura
  • Trip
  • Vit Hit

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