Beverage Brands is tapping into the growing demand for tequila and is extending its premium packaged drink based on the Mexican spirit. Six months ago it launched Ca'quila, a mix of agave cactus juice and lime. It is now introducing a Ca'quila Silver version in which the lime has been replaced by Sicilian lemon. Marketing manager Karen Salters said: "The brand has created a spark of interest and has taken the tequila spirit to the more sophisticated pps level, broadening its appeal. "Lemon is a perfect partner to compliment the infamous tequila edge and the most popular flavour in the pps market. "Silver will build on the brand's success by extending the consumer base, while still appealing to the hardened tequila drinkers." The brand's introduction to multiple grocers is supported by a £550,000 marketing budget. This will pay for national consumer advertising, PR, point of sale material and promotions. Ca'quila has 5.5% abv and will retail at £1.29. {{DRINKS }}