Publication date: 12 September

Submissions deadline: 24 July

Contact:Natalie Brown (

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Ice cream has been a consolidated market for many years, with the bulk of sales taken up by two large companies. Now a number of smaller suppliers are starting to make real inroads in the UK ice cream market. Who are the key emerging players, what are they doing differently from the established brands and what are the wider market trends? How are the bigger players reacting?

The challengers: We want to know who the most exciting new players are in ice cream (branded and own label) and what they’re doing differently. What is their ethos, how are they playing to the market and what consumer needs are they satisfying?

The market: This feature will provide an overview of the market based on Kantar Worldpanel data, looking at how different types of ice cream are performing and why. Which established players are performing most strongly? What lessons can established brands learn from the dynamic new faces in ice cream?