Publishing: 25 August

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1. Revealed: What Brits really think about breakfast

We’ve commissioned Harris Interactive to quiz Brits on whether their attitudes to breakfast. Is it really the most important meal of the day? And, what are they eating for brekkie?

2. Breakfast on the go

Eating on the go is becoming a way of life. So, how are breakfast brands tapping into this trend? And what opportunities are still up for grabs?

3. Breakfast drinks

Liquid breakfasts are on the rise with Weetabix On The Go, Up & Go and Fuel10k all hitting the market in recent months. How much potential does this niche sector have?

4. Breakfast biscuits

Sales of breakfast biscuits are plateauing. We investigate why the market is slowing and what brands are doing to get things moving again.

5. Meet the buyers

We quiz key retailers’ buyers on how perceptions of health are affecting the category, NPD and what’s in store for the market over the coming year.

6. Top 10 global launches

What’s for breakfast around the world? We’ve teamed up with Mintel to scour the globe and find the most innovative launches from the past year.

7. Advertising

Who’s spending big on ads? Are they effective? Ebiquity spills the beans on breakfast’s top advertisers.

8. Cereals are back in growth

Exclusive data from Kantar shows cereals are back in growth after years of decline. Have they shed concerns over sugar content? We reveal who the winners and losers are.

9. Cooked breakfast

The nation has fallen back in love with the cooked breakfast. Sales of bacon, eggs, sausages and beans and all up, exclusive data from Kantar reveals.

10. Build your own breakfast

Plain cereal or yoghurt just won’t do any more meaning more and more Brits are customising their breakfasts. Are health concerns behind the move? What can brands do to tap into this trend?