Publishing: Wednesday 11th May

Submissions deadline: Friday 6th May

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1. Consumer research

We quiz Brits on their cleaning habits: who does it and how often? Are we lax when it comes to hygiene or are we a bunch of Hyacinths?

2. Which area of Britain is the grubbiest?

Harris Interactive quiz the nation on their cleaning habits then we team up with a creative agency to turn them into a snazzy infographic. So, which areas of Britain are the grubbiest?

3. Growth of hand wipes

We’ve had Kantar run the numbers and cleaning wipes are the only surface area cleaners in growth. How come? What does this mean for other formats in the category?

4. Meet the Buyers

It’s not what you know that matters in grocery, it’s who you know. We will be speaking to household buyers from across the retailers to see how they see the market developing over the next year.

5. Top 10 Global Innovations

We’ve scoured the globe with the help of Mintel to find 10 innovative launches from the household sector. Stay tuned to find out what we come up with.

6. Private label in the discounters

The continued growth of Aldi and Lidl is no secret but their performance in homecare, particularly private label, may surprise some. We find out why they’re giving household’s biggest players a run for their money.

7. Creative Challenge

Think household is a boring category? Think again. We’ve asked creative agency Hornall Anderson to add some excitement by revamping the category.

8. Licensing

From Pringles candles to Love Hearts hand wash – we’re seeing some quirky licensing in household. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourites…

9. Anti-bacterial

Sales of anti-bacterial products have grown by 37% over the past five years. What’s driving this? How have products without anti-bacterial properties performed?

10. Paper/loo roll

Paper products are one of the most commoditised markets in grocery. What are brands doing to add value?