Publishing: 29th June

Submissions deadline: 22nd June

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1. Consumer research

Last year we revealed 32% of the young thought washing chicken would kill bugs. Has Brits’ knowledge improved over the past year? We find out…

2. Duck is flying

Duck suppliers have been working hard to boost sales of their products, and it seems to be working. What have they done to make duck fly off the shelves?

3. Top 10 global innovations

With the help of Mintel, we scour the globe to find weird and wonderful meat, fish & poultry innovations from around the world. Stay tuned to see what we find…

4. Meet the buyers

It’s not what you know but who you know that matters in grocery. We quiz buyers from across the supermarkets to see how they think the market will shape up in the next year.

5. Creative challenge

Frozen and canned meat has an image problem. We task a creative agency with breathing some life into these sectors. See what they come up with!

6. Artisan meat snacks

Meat snacks sales are soaring thanks to an increased interest in protein. We’re seeing a number of new artisan products hit the scene – here’s a rundown of our five favourites.

7. What’s in the next wave of MSC certification?

North East Atlantic mackerel recently won back its sustainable status. There are a number of others on the horizon, so what’s likely to get MSC certification next?

8. Lab grown meat

It’s been a few years since the lab grown burger was unveiled and since then things have gone a bit quiet. What developments have been made since then?

9. How it’s made: smoked salmon

We follow this delicacy from fish to fork to find out how it’s made. Stay tuned for our step-by-step video report.

10. Meat and waste

Love Food Hate Waste wants Brits to make the most of their meat as the equivalent to 300 million burgers are thrown out every year. So what’s the situation like within the supply chain?