Source: Unsplash/John Cameron

By George Nott 

Publishing: 26 August 2023
Advertising deadline: 11 August 2023
Submissions deadline: 4 August 2023

You wouldn’t think the innocuous household battery would be causing a fuss in local government. But earlier this month Liverpool’s district councils began a campaign to encourage residents to safely dispose of their batteries, which present a fire risk to waste removal teams. Similar warnings have been issued by other councils, urging residents to recycle if possible. So what are suppliers and retailers doing to lessen the environmental impact of batteries? How are rechargeable lines being promoted over disposable ones? And how does it fit into broader sales trends for batteries?

Environmental impact: Disposable batteries have long posed a challenge for shoppers to dispose of. So what are retailers and brands doing to educate shoppers and make it easy for them to recycle?

Rechargeables: With their superior environmental credentials, rechargeable batteries could be the answer to local government’s problems. So what is the industry doing to promote them?

Sales trends: How are batteries faring in retail? Which brands and types are selling well? And how is own label faring?

Vape battery recycling: Disposable vapes are facing similar challenges to batteries when it comes to recycling, with officials concerned about the lithium batteries contained in such products. What can be done to improve the situation?