Source: Unsplash

By Rob Brown 

Publishing: 23 March 2024

Advertising deadline: 8 March 2024

Submissions deadline: 2 March 2024

The stage is ripe for seasonings to take the lead in the barbecuing. The country’s appetite for new flavours is growing, with stores expanding their ranges in off-the-beaten-track cuisines, such as Korean food. Meanwhile, Brits are continuing to swap out pricier red meats for chicken. So, with a more neutral protein base at hand and consumers’ tastebuds primed for more punch, are BBQ sauces and seasonings set to benefit? And what are the standout flavours in BBQ this year?

Inflation: The cost of living crisis may show signs of waning, but shoppers are still thinking economically, cutting back on restaurant nights out and takeaways. For BBQ, this could be great news. Can the category meet the sweet spot for those watching their spending?

Side show: Meats have long stolen the stage in the BBQ department. But with side dishes cheaper to buy and make – and an opportunity to shake up standard BBQ fare – could these dishes take more of a leading role? And, after a decline in the meat-free category, can veggies make a comeback?

Sporting events: Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympics promise to draw people to viewing events at pubs – but can they also stoke Brits’ enthusiasm for BBQ parties? What are the big occasions for BBQing this year, and with potential for another wet summer, how can brands use these to get more consumers into their backyards?

Weekday BBQ: With Brits looking to spice up mid-week meals in, can the BBQ get a boost? And how would a shift to weeknight BBQs change the category?

Innovation: We will profile four new products or ranges, ideally ones that have not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each.