By Emma Eversham

Publishing: 14 October 2023

Advertising deadline: 28 September 2023

Submissions deadline: 26 September 2023

Sakes of biscuits and cakes have been flattened by soaring prices and the impact of HFSS. Brands bore the brunt of this as shoppers switched to cheaper own-label or less indulgent options. So, what are brands doing to get a rise out of cakes and biscuits in the coming year? How are all suppliers and retailers adapting to soaring costs? What impact has HFSS had on product ranges and merchandising?

Indulgence: Even when times are tight (or perhaps especially when) people need still need teats and pick-me-ups. So how has demand for more indulgent biscuits and cakes changed over the past year? Kantar notes that the biscuits and cakes market has not declined as steeply as other treat categories. Which categories have seen sharper declines? Why?

Health: Healthier biscuits have seen the sharpest volume decline of the past year. Why? Which brands and own-label ranges in healthier biscuits have seen the sharpest declines? What are suppliers and retailers doing to turn things around? And how has HFSS impacted the category in terms of NPD and merchandising?

Inflation: Which costs have seen the greatest rises for the biscuits and cakes category over the past year and how have players reacted? What sectors in the category have seen the sharpest price rises and why? And how have consumers reacted to these prices rises; are they buying fewer products, less frequently; switching to own label; or leaving the category altogether?

Costs: We will analyse the most significant contributors to biscuits and cakes’ cost base (labour, raw materials, energy, logistics, etc). How have commodity prices have changed over the past year and the factors that have driven this change.

In-store bakeries: Sales of pastries and cookies from in-store bakeries are defying the decline and are in strong volume growth. Why is this? To what extent is this down to flattering year-on-year comparisons with the pandemic period? Are more retailers, such as Home Bargains, adding in-store bakeries to their estates? And what are they selling in them?

Innovation: This feature will include analysis of the latest and forthcoming launches in the biscuits and cakes category, looking at the trends that are currently shaping the category. We will profile eight new products or ranges (four cake; four biscuits) that have ideally not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each, please.