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By Megan Tatum wordsbymegantatum@gmail.com 

Publishing: 7 May 2022
Advertising deadline: 22 April 2022
Submissions deadline: 15 April 2022

Throughout lockdown, many shoppers tried their hand at home bread baking. While many are now too busy for such pursuits, bread and baked goods suppliers have kept at it. Brands launched 175 new products in the last year, with own label offering up 344 innovations, according to Kantar. The glut of research and development is only expected to continue in the face of HFSS rules due to be implemented in October. So how can the category reformulate as the government targets fat, salt and sugar? Will added benefits like fibre become more prominent? And how will new launches fare as the cost of wheat incentivises shoppers to trade down?

HFSS: Bread suppliers are likely to be reformulating to avoid the promotional restrictions for HFSS goods. How easy is it proving to reduce the relevant nutrients while maintaining taste?

Smart bread: Functional products are spreading across grocery aisles as shoppers seek more from their diets. So how is so-called ‘smart bread’ faring?

Wheat costs: The conflict in Ukraine is hitting wheat prices hard, and shoppers can expect to see the cost of bread go up. What effect will this have on the humble loaf?

Treat breakfasts: More indulgent lines saw the biggest growth in bread and baked goods, growing by 8.7% in value. What drove this, and can it continue?

Innovations: Profile of four new products or ranges that have not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each.