Source: Unsplash/Jakub Kapusnak

By Grace Duncan Grace.Duncan@thegrocer.co.uk 

Publishing: 4 February 2023
Advertising deadline: 20 January 2023
Submissions deadline: 13 January 2023

Eggs are cracking up. Soaring production costs and an avian flu outbreak are causing problems in egg production, leading to price rises and even rationing in stores. One retailer’s decision to import extra stock from abroad has called into question its commitment to free range. With supermarkets having pledged to rid themselves of caged eggs, is the cost of living crisis jeopardising such plans? What can retailers or government do to alleviate the problems? And how is it affecting the ability of British egg producers to supply the grocery sector?

Free range vs caged: Lidl GB has announced it will only sell RSPCA Assured shell eggs by the end of 2024, matching similar plans from other supermarkets. How will the retailers meet such pledges given the supply chain problems?

Prices: What types of eggs are seeing the biggest price rises? How is affecting branded lines versus own label ones, or the mainstream retailers versus the discounters?

Production: Egg suppliers claimed earlier this year not to be seeing the benefit of price rises in grocery. Has the situation changed, and how is it affecting egg production?

Enriched eggs: Clarence Court released a range of ‘enriched’ eggs fortified with vitamins back in April. How have they fared, and has it inspired similar innovations?