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Focus On: Healthcare & Supplements, by Emma Weinbren

Publishing: 23 May

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Advertising deadline: 14 May

Submissions deadline: 3 May

The story

The coronavirus has led to skyrocketing demand for supplements. Packs of vitamin D and vitamin C are flying off the shelves in the major mults, with many SKUs frequently out of stock. Iron and zinc are proving popular, too. For consumers, the motivation is clear: to keep their mental and physical health in tip-top condition. So how are they supplementing their diets – and by how much? What’s driving their choices? How influenced have shoppers been by government advice and stories of doctors in the US and China prescribing critically ill coronavirus patients ‘megadoses’ of vitamin C? What else are shoppers looking for, and how are suppliers responding?

Key themes

Demand & supply: which products and brands have enjoyed the most uplift over the past weeks in the stranglehold of Covid-19? By how much have sales grown? Can suppliers keep up with demand? If so, for how long? And how? Has anyone lost out and seen sales slump?

Immunity: during the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for Brits to keep their immune systems as strong as they can. With this in mind, which vitamins and minerals are they seeking out? What’s the thinking behind their choices – and what science exists to back them up?

Online: to what extent are consumers buying ‘care packages’ and supplements online right now? How are online sales performing? Which retailers and brands are benefitting most?

Mental health: people want to be healthy in mind as well as body. So how much is that influencing sales of zinc (said to stave off depression) and CBD supplements (with supposed stress-relieving properties).

CBD: CBD supplements are a hot trend, and the mults are finally getting in on the action by listing premium SKUs. Which brands are benefitting? What’s their appeal to shoppers? What health benefits do they offer beyond the much-touted relief from anxiety?

Kantar data: using Kantar commentary, we explain the reasons behind the rise and fall of the sub-categories.

Nielsen data: using Nielsen commentary, we explain the reasons behind the rise and fall of the top 10 brands.