Coffee pod

Feature 1: Evolution of the pod by Ash O’Mahony

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Publishing: 31 August

Advertising deadline: 16 August

Submissions deadline: 5 August

The Story

Are consumers ditching the pod for ground and instant coffee? While coffee pods have become a regular fixture in UK, this star of the hot beverages market may be beginning to fade. Growth has slowed over the past year, according to Kantar figures. Considering pods have been a driving force behind growth in the coffee market, it could be cause for concern. So have pod sales hit their peak? Have they simply hit a ceiling in terms of gaining shoppers, or are consumers turning away? And is this resulting in growth of other formats?

Main themes

Tea: Tea has largely been exempt from the variety of formats seen in coffee. So how is the standard cuppa faring?

Sustainability: To what extent are sustainability concerns hitting the coffee pod market? How are pod brands that trade on being more sustainable performing in terms of sales?

Brands versus own label: What is the split between branded and own label pods? Is the rise of cheaper own label products driving value out of the pod market? And which brands are faring particularly well?

NPD: How is flavour innovation boosting the pod market? How have new lines performed?

Ground and instant: If growth in pods is slowing, does that mean alternative coffee formats are growing? How are ground and instant performing and why? To what extent are upgrades to these formats tempting in shoppers?

Tea and hot chocolate pods: It’s not all about coffee. Tea and hot chocolate are now entering the pod market. To what extent can these drive growth?

Kantar data: Using Kantar data, we explain the rise/fall of the tea, coffee and hot chocolate markets.

Nielsen coffee data: Using Nielsen data, we explain the rise/fall of the top 10 coffee brands.

Nielsen tea data: Using Nielsen data, we explain the rise/fall of the top 10 tea brands.

Shopper Intelligence data: How consumers buy hot beverages

Feature 2: The Cold Revolution by Matthew Curtis

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Publishing: 31 August

Advertising deadline: 16 August

Submissions deadline: 12 August

The Story

Cold brew fever has hit the UK. It seems barely a week goes by without another launch. On the face of it, cold brew ticks plenty of boxes. It doesn’t contain the same added sugar as many iced coffees, and has the same refreshing properties that helped iced brews deliver storming sales growth last summer. But is there really enough demand to keep up with the abundant supply of cold brew products? How are sales performing? And what does it take to stand out from the pack in this crowded, fast-paced market?

Main themes

Coffee shop influence: Cold brew started in the likes of Starbucks. How is that influencing what is on the shelves in retail? And can the activity in coffee shops create more retail customers?

The brands: Which brands are leading the cold brew revolution? What kind of sales are they seeing and can they hit the mainstream?

Innovation: We have nitro cold brew, coconut cold brew and cold brew soda. To what extent are they bringing in new shoppers to the market?

Cold infusions and nitro tea: Tea is getting in on the cold revolution with nitro brews and cold infusions from. How are these lines performing?

Cold brew in pubs: Some brands are looking to make cold brew coffee a regular fixture in pubs with cold brew is available on tap, giving it a similar feel to a pint of Guinness. To what extent can this work?

Innovations: We identify eight new cold coffee/tea products or product ranges that have launched in 2019 including launch date, RSP and a picture of each.

Chocolate cold brew: We’ve had coffee and tea cold brew, now there’s talk of a chocolate version. Could this take off?