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Focus On: Household & Paper Products by Daniel Selwood 

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Publishing: 30 January

Advertising deadline: 15 January

Submissions deadline: 8 January

The Story

Hygiene has been on everyone’s minds over the past year, for obvious reasons. The pandemic, plus the panic buying of last March and the fact that most of us have been spending much more time at home since then, has sent sales of household cleaning and paper products through the roof. Which brands and retailers have cashed in the most? And how have the events of the past year impacted the sort of products suppliers are bringing to market?

Key Themes

NPD: This feature will explore in depth how the pandemic has impacted NPD in household and paper products. Has there been an increase in products that can kill viruses? What are the most innovative products launched? Are we really cleaning our houses more? Lockdown led to a fall in sales of many personal care products. So are we letting our personal appearances slip while we clean our houses more (because we’re spending more time in them). What studies have been done into this?

Shifts in shopper behaviour: How has this category been impacted by the huge changes in shopper behaviour (such as the shift online, local shopping, the rise of DTC, etc) we’ve seen over the past year? How have brands had to adapt their approaches to market and marketing?

Kantar data: Using Kantar data and commentary, we explain the reasons behind the past year’s performance of household & paper products. Nielsen data: Using Nielsen data and commentary, we explain the reasons behind the past year’s performance of the biggest brands in this sector.

8 x innovations: we will profile eight new products or ranges that have ideally not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each.