Source: Unsplash

By Rob Brown

Publishing: 17 February 2024

Copy deadline: 2 February 2024

Submissions deadline: 31 January 2024

UK ice cream makers have been saying for years that they want to “de-seasonalise ice cream” and make it more of a year-round treat. So, what’s being done to widen ice cream’s appeal? What inspiration can UK manufacturers take from overseas? And what’s in store for the coming year?

Own-label v brands: Sales of ice cream tubs have grown by 3.3% to £473.8m on volumes down 8.9%. Handheld ice cream sales are up 0.7% to £861.2m but this is purely price driven; volumes have crashed 13.9% with own label falling at a steeper rate than brands. What’s driving this? Which brands are in growth/loss?

Consumption occasions: We will explore how ice cream consumption patterns are changing. For example, some commentators suggest that fewer people are eating ice cream as a dessert because they are opting for cheaper options like sweets. Is this the case? How else is consumption changing?

Price and promotions: Ice cream prices are soaring across the board with some brands seeing price hikes of more than a third in a year. What have been the greatest cost pressures for ice cream in the past year and are there any signs that they are now easing?

Retail channels: This feature will explore how ice cream is faring in different retail channels, from independent, symbol group and multiple convenience retailers to larger supermarkets. How do the performance of different brands and formats vary from channel to channel?

Innovations: Profile of four new products or ranges that have not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each.