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Focus On: Newstrade by James Halliwell

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Publishing: 27 April

Advertising deadline: 12 April

Submissions deadline: 5 April

The Story

Newstrade is evolving. Just a couple of decades ago, newstrade was a booming area of corner shops and supermarkets. Then came internet news and the woes of many traditional publications have been well publicised. But is newstrade just evolving? How are print media consumption patterns changing and how will that change in future?

Key themes:

Print media: To what extent is this continuing to pull in punters in the age of the internet? Are certain areas doing better, such as Sunday newspapers and fashion magazines?

Convenience vs supermarkets: How has consumption changed in convenience stores, thought of as the home of newstrade, compared with supemarkets?

Innovation: Are any retailers doing innovative things with their newstrade section? If so, what? And how has it impacted sales?

Data: How has newstrade consumption for the past 10 years?

News consumption of the future: News UK has done some work with futurists on what news consumption will look like in the future in conjunction with Unruly, which is conducting a Home of the Future project. What this will look like?