roast chicken

Focus On: Poultry by James Halliwell

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Publishing: 4 August

Advertising deadline: 26 July

Submissions deadline: 19 July


The story

So much for consumers eating less but better. In the aftermath of the 2 Sisters scandal, you would expect shoppers to be switching towards higher quality chicken, even if it meant cutting back. Yet the opposite appears to be true. Encouragingly, volumes are growing – but value is up less due to the rise of cheaper lines. The economy tier is on the up, along with a greater focus on promotions, as shoppers look to manage rising costs elsewhere in store. So in today’s environment, is it simply a case of the cheapest wins? What is happening to more expensive lines? And will innovation add value back into the sector?

Themes to cover

Economy vs premium: To what extent are economy lines growing ahead of standard? And how is the premium tier faring?

Rise in volumes: The rise of cheaper chicken shows people are reluctant to cut back on their consumption. What is driving the growth in volumes? Could it be down to poultry being seen as healthier than red meat? And to what extent is the protein trend helping to boost sales?

Innovation: Can new formats add value back into the poultry market? We’ve seen the launch of more lines responding to flavour and retail trends, including increasingly experimental BBQ products, as well as the famous ‘touch-free’ packs.

Turkey and duck: In this price-conscious market, volumes of turkey and duck are falling. Is this just down to rising prices, and what can be done to reverse this decline?

Kantar data: Using Kantar commentary, we explain the factors behind the performance of chicken, turkey and duck.

Game: A new image and potential inclusion in ready meals is hoping to attract new shoppers to game. Can it work?

Key questions the feature is likely to address:

 What consumer trends have impacted the category over the past year?

 How have promotional strategies (both in terms of price and marketing) evolved?

 How has merchandising changed in the market?