Source: Unsplash/Dylan de Jonge

By Ian Quinn Ian.Quinn@thegrocer.co.uk 

Publishing: 17 September 2022
Advertising deadline: 2 September 2022
Submissions deadline: 26 August 2022

With HFSS rules in a state of flux in England, the situation in Scotland is only set to complicate things further. In July the devolved government proposed its own set of rules, which include further promotional restrictions on meal deals and temporary price reductions. Already the ACS has argued that this will just add more confusion for retailers, and it won’t be alone. So how exactly will the proposed Scottish HFSS rules differ from what is happening in England? What impact will they have on retailers? And how could they affect wider Scottish food and drink?

Divergence: The Scottish government’s proposals could cause divergence in HFSS rules between different parts of the UK. What will the impact be?

Innovation: To what extend are these rules influencing supplier strategy and NPD?

Cost of living: The UK government has already delayed its HFSS rules over fears about rising living costs. How will similar concerns play into the Scottish rules?

Scottish Food & Drink Awards: A run-down of the highlights from the awards

Innovations: We will profile 4 new products or ranges that have ideally not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each