World cuisine

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Focus On: World Cuisine by Ash O’Mahony

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Publishing: 9 November

Advertising deadline: 25 October

Submissions deadline: 25 October

The Story

Brits are becoming quite the seasoned travellers. Not that they’re travelling more. In fact, research from Money Supermarket found a dip in holidays abroad this year, with one in five families stating they couldn’t afford to leave Britain over summer. The real expansion of British horizons is occurring in the kitchen. And seasonings are proving the passport to new destinations. Simple sachets are helping Brits are venturing out of the tried-and-tested lands of Indian, Chinese and Italian foods and into lesser known African, Peruvian and Moroccan cuisines. So what are the innovations pushing culinary boundaries? And why are they holding such appeal?

Key themes:

Seasonings and sauces: A wave of new seasonings are targeting adventurous world food shoppers. Why is this format such a hotbed of innovation? What is the appeal? Which brands are proving most successful?

On-trend blends: Which blends are proving most popular when it comes to seasoning and spices? How is that mimicking what is going on in the out-of-home arena?

Cooking gap: How are seasonings helping consumers cook less familiar cuisine? As young people are lambasted for their cooking skills, how are these formats enabling them to prepare a meal from scratch?

Convenience: A key aspect of recent world food launches is convenience. It’s not just seasonings –formats such as sauce kits also offer that speed element. Who do these innovations target, and are they succeeding?

Innovations: What have been the key innovations pushing forward the category this year?

Kantar data: Using Kantar commentary, we explain the factors driving growth in the category

FoodSpark box: A run-down of the latest cuisines capturing the imagination of the consumer using FoodSpark commentary.