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Publishing: 29 February

Advertising deadline: 12 February

Submissions deadline: by invitation only

Support The Grocer’s Goodness Issue and we’ll give 20% of the money we raise to Grocery Aid!

The Grocer is proud to announce The Goodness Issue, a special edition of The Grocer devoted to the industry’s pioneering efforts to do good, and to make society and the world a better place.

  • We’ll be dedicating the issue to exploring the question of goodness from every angle. We’ll be looking at the industry’s proud history in developing model conditions, setting up foundations, supporting charities (local, national and international), to show how the concept of doing good is in the industry’s DNA.
  • We’ll explore how the concept of ‘goodness’ has evolved, and the work and thinking that’s taken place to create today’s purpose-driven brands.
  • We’ll be examining the industry’s positive impact on the Third Sector.
  • We’ll chart the rise of the B-Corps movement.
  • We’ll look at the role of carbon labelling, asking whether it’s an idea whose time has finally come.
  • We’ll be interviewing influential figures including Fairtrade CEO Michael Gidney.
  • And we’ll be charting some of the extraordinary feats that individuals from the industry have undertaken to support good causes and business imperatives.

This special issue will provide manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers and suppliers with a unique opportunity to showcase some of the outstanding work they’re doing to support good causes, whether based on environmental, health, social or employee good, through advertisement features. And The Grocer will donate 20% of all sales raised through the Goodness Issue to Grocery Aid. It all adds up to a unique and exciting proposition.


Contact Samantha Dack, 01293 610453 for further details

Editorial inclusion by invitation only