Hundreds of UK egg farms are at risk of collapse after surging input costs were pushed up still further by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the industry has warned (The Financial Times £). Hundreds of egg producers are facing collapse as rising costs of fuel and energy combine with additional costs of keeping hens indoors during a bird flu outbreak (The Guardian).

Shoppers are braced for a steep rise in the price of eggs and cucumbers as industry chiefs warned that producers face collapse amid spiralling costs. (The Telegraph)

The selection process for a new National Lottery operator was in doubt last night amid indications that Camelot was set to issue a court challenge to its defeat by a Czech billionaire. (The Times £)

Booming demand for beauty products is helping Boots bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic. (The Daily Mail)

Diageo has taken over female-owned tequila brand 21 Seeds. The Guinness and Johnnie Walker maker bought 21 Seeds in a bid to take advantage of the fact that tequila is now the fastest-growing spirits market in the US. (The Daily Mail)

The Russian tech giant Yandex has hoisted a for-sale sign over its British grocery delivery business amid concerns over the company’s links to the Kremlin. (The Telegraph)

Tesco is selling lateral flow tests in 1,500 stores, many without pharmacies, as a high street price war sees kits go on sale for less than the price of a takeaway coffee. (The Guardian)

Life has got a bit tastier for Tate & Lyle after the 101-year-old company struck a $237 million takeover of a Chinese prebiotic dairy fibre business. It is the third and largest acquisition since Nick Hampton took over as chief executive in April 2018. (The Times £)

The Food Standards Agency has created a list of more than 3,500 food products infused with cannabidiol, bringing them one step closer to being authorised as part of government plans to wrest control over a flourishing industry. (The Guardian)