OC&C Global 50

The OC&C/Grocer Global 50 report is the definitive report on the fortunes of world’s largest fmcg companies. See below for in-depth analysis on the performance globe’s biggest consumer goods suppliers, the challenges they are facing and how they are attempting to overcome flatlining global growth

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OC&C Global 50 shows the fmcg giants in good health

The world’s 50 biggest fmcg companies continued their resurgence before lockdown hit, posting their highest levels of organic growth since 2015

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OC&C Global 50 report 2019: how fmcg giants reinvented the wheel

The latest top 50 report shows organic growth is returning. How have the global giants managed it?


Organic growth makes return to the world’s largest fmcg players

The world’s largest fmcg companies have rediscovered organic growth as measures taken to address competitors, customers and shifting consumer tastes have begun to bear fruit.