Salmon processor MacKnight is mounting a UK push for its salmon products - including fish rashers said to crisp up like bacon.

The Simple Salmon range includes Salmon Mignons, Smoked Salmon Bacon, Salmon Chorizo sausage, Salmon Burgers and Flavoured Hot Smoked Portions. They are made using 100% premium Atlantic salmon and were developed to enable MacKnight to fully utilise fish being processed at its fresh fish and smoked salmon facilities in Maryport, Cumbria.

“When you’re splitting fish, there are a lot of bits you don’t use for prime fillets,” said MacKnight chief commercial officer Tony Ingham. “We wanted to utilise that.”

To gauge demand, the brand was initially rolled out to countries that consume a lot of fish, said Ingham, adding it was sold in countries including Dubai, Canada and Denmark. The products, which are expected to retail for about £3, are not yet listed in UK retail.

“Outside the UK, people buy into the concept quite easily because they eat a lot of fish,” he added. “There’s a little bit of resistance here because it is something very new, but we’ve had a great response overseas and want to have a big push in the UK.”

The bacon is produced using skinless and boneless salmon offcuts that are cured with rock salt, maple syrup and spices. They are air-dried and smoked for 48 hours. Ingham said they were crispy when cooked and did not taste “too fishy.”

MacKnight added it was hoping to target the school meals market with the salmon sausages.